Too Much Screen Time




I’m stuck inside of a screen




I can’t get out

I’m tired

want to relax

l lay down to unwind

An hour and a half later

I’m just getting off

this tiny screen in my hand

I’ve looked through





real estate listings

website linked to websites about

things I don’t ever remember

I’m not relaxed

my brain is scrambled

It’s like

mixing every food I can think of

put it in a blender

I can’t digest it

It hurts my stomach

I can’t digest

this media

it hurts my spirit

it hurts my brain

they” say it’s reshaping our frontal cortex

And here I am again

on this screen

I’m addicted

quite addicted


I’m stuck inside of a screen




somebody let me out

There’s all these healthy choices

above and below

there’s nature out side

waiting for me to dip my toes into it’s mud

But I’m just here scrolling on this rando

That I used to know in high school

I’m trying to figure out exactly

how many children he has

Who cares

I need to go outside

and hug my neighbor

I need to go downstairs

and ask my child

Love, what is your greatest dream?”

Facebook just told me

my dad and I are celebrating

.9 years of friendship

that’s funny

cuz I’m 41 years old

and he knew me before I was born

you don’t know me, Facebook

You Don’t Own Me, Amazon

you don’t know what I want

you do not have it

I want to give it all up

but look

I’m checking back

to see if anybody read my story

I’m checking back

to see if anyone

can hear me?

I’m screaming

at the top of my….


No, No I”m not.

I’m only typing, I’m typing into a void

and nobody’s listening

I’m screaming

at the top of my lungs

and nobody

can hear me

maybe I should look inside

maybe I should go outside

maybe I should talk to a human

maybe I should go to a meeting

maybe I should go to class

maybe I should go to a church

maybe I should phone a friend

maybe I should find myself

maybe I should get off this screen


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