Summer in the Mountains


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  • Pay attention.


  • Be astonished.


  • Tell about it.

I was struck today by one of my favorite poet, Mary Oliver’s,  instructions for life.

Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.

It made me immediately think of my work.  I feel thankful for the great satisfaction that comes with being able to do these three things on the daily through my photography.

Pay attention and tell about it, it’s what I do.  Being astonished, it’s the gift I get in return.

It is so touching to get a window into the world of a family with young children.  With kid’s it seems the astonishment comes so easily.  It easy to forget how to feel that wonder.  Witnessing the immense love and connection that flows between family through the lens of my camera is my happy place.  It’s like finding time to play music and sing loudly.  It’s like reading my favorite book.  It’s like sitting by the fire.

Thanks to this sweet West Asheville family for doing this family portrait session with me.

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