Summer in Appalachia – Portraits by Luxe House Photographic


Ready to have portraits made of the ones you love?


We have some Summer dates open for booking.

Contact us at via this site or email to reserve a spot for yourself, your kids, your family.  Most Sessions are at around 5:30/6pm for best light.

June 11th, Biltmore Grounds -booked

June 12th, Craggy Gardens – booked

June 28th, Botanical Gardens

July 10th, Catawba Falls

July 11th, Your backyard

July 17th, Craggy Gardens _booked

July 18th, Biltmore Grounds -booked

July 20th, Botanical Gardens

July 23rd, Black Balsam Mountaintop

July 24th, Anywhere you want

July 26th, Your backyard

August 13th, Secret Waterfall and River spot -booked

August 21st, Black Balsam Mountaintop

These location ideas are totally flexible.  Have your own location idea?

Need a weekend date?  Just ask and we can try to find one that works for you.

View our full gallery here:

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Booking a session is a terrific idea, and here are the top 7 reasons I can think of….

  1. It’s Summer and the world is in bloom!!
  2. Your kid is cute
  3. Your kid is changing fast
  4. You’re cute
  5. We live somewhere beautiful
  6. You will love the portraits we make together, especially 10 years from now
  7. You and your family deserve it

It is a always great honor and pleasure to get out in the deep nature that surrounds us and make beautiful portraits for families.

Present day….  I think about what portraits like these will mean to my clients when they unwrap their packages and hang their portraits on the walls of their homes.  I hope they add beauty and bring joy.

A little later…… I think about what these portraits will mean to my clients when their 8 year old is 28 years old.  I hope they bring the sweetest memories.

A lot later…. I think about what it will be like for the children in the portraits to show these images to their own children someday.  I hope they show history.   I hope they show love.

I love making family heirlooms with people, nature, light, ink and fine papers.

Contact us at via this site or email to reserve your spot.

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