Night Portraits



On an amazing trip to the Colorado Rockies, I met an wonderful new friend.

Here are some photos we made together.  Here is her story about it.

I loved doing this night shoot with her.  The idea that you can make art that heals warms my heart and gives excites me.  I will leave the fancy word crafting to her….

She is an inspiring human and a talented writer.  Check out her books and blog.

Thank you Ksenia for trusting me.

fine art nude

Technically, if you want the DL on the light.  I shot this on a tripod at a 13 second exposure.  I really wanted to get the sky detail.  I light painted her with a borrowed head lamp for a quick 1.5-2 seconds.   The mountain in the background was light by a parking lot street lamp.  (Which at first I was annoyed that it was there, but ending up being glad it was just so.)  The image is the middle of the triptych is light by just the candle.

Try it is fun.  And hard.

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