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As winter’s chill finds its’ way to the mountains of North Carolina, we’re slowly watching nature shed it’s skin. With that grand disrobing, come wondrous textures from fallen tree bark, thorny chestnut hulls, pinecones, evergreens and golden grasses which blend together with nature’s new color palate into a breathtaking dreamscape. While many think of warm summer days as the ideal weather for a family portrait, the winter weather brings a special kind of magic like no other season. I adore taking family portraits in it and capturing a family bundled in their favorite sweaters and scarves, nestled into their beloved outdoor spaces.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider in creating a family portrait of your own this season:

  1.     Consider your favorite outdoor space—a summit to a nearby mountain, a local trail with tall old trees that would tower over you with their wild limbs reaching into the sky to create a grand natural setting or maybe a creek close to your home filled with all of those wondrous winter offerings or maybe even an enormous rock you could picture everyone sitting atop.  And yes, your favorite place can even be your own backyard. I would love to take a peek at your favorite outdoor spaces and help you choose one that will work best for your photo.

I love the natural settings she chooses. She has an eye for the perfect light and scene, even if it is the 4 of us walking or laughing or my son running and making silly faces. Rene mentioned Max Patch and I thought it was a perfect location! Who doesn’t want a photo shoot that looks like the Sound of Music?,” ~Millie Whitworth



  1.     Are you considering new art for your walls? Think of your portrait as art and not simply another digital photo. I’ve created a three-piece photoset showcasing an entire landscape—the family portrait beautifully captured within and a mountainous landscape making up the other two.  Play around with the idea of your family being part of the outdoor setting you choose and how that will display as art on your walls. I even have a fun program that will allow me to virtually hang photos on your walls to see what they would look like in your living room or dining room.


  1.     It’s never an unwelcome moment in time to capture yourself, your pregnant belly under a weeping willow with your husband’s arms wrapped around you, your children running through an open field, or your entire family in this season of this year within a favorite local landscape. One wish that I hope to convey is the relevance of creating cherished portraits of ourselves and those we love that are timeless and capture all of that person’s sense of self—the strength and sensitivity, the wit and charm, the funny way one holds their hips or smushes their lips. I do not simply create a digital photo for you to download and share. In fact, a digital portrait is an option to purchase, yet the focus of my work is in creating printed photos that are matted, framed and hung in your nest for many moons to come.

The photos she took are perfect–just breathtaking. I especially love the pictures of me breastfeeding my daughter Georgia on top of a mountain. I feel like we look like an ad in a mothers’ magazine if I do say so myself! Georgia was getting fussy through the session and I took a break to feed her. I asked Rene to snap a few because I realized that we didn’t have any photos of our nursing relationship. Nursing is such a special relationship between mother and babe and I love that we have documentation of ours.” ~Millie Whitworth

Learn more about what is included in your upcoming family portrait with me and the team here at Luxe House Photographic. Investing in professional portrait photography is a priceless treasure.  You won’t just receive a “photograph”, but rather a carefully crafted piece of art that features you/your family. Feel free to reach out via phone or email to discuss your ideas so we can dream up the perfect portrait for you.
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Some dates we have open for Family Portrait Sessions are

Thursday December 8th 4-5pm (just filled)

Tuesday December 13th 4-5pm

Thursday December 15th 4-5pm

Thursday January 5th 4-5pm




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