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Charmed by the Wild Portrait Sessions


Come mother, maiden, queen, huntress, wise woman, mystic, and lover.

Come celebrate yourself in deep nature with one of kind portraiture by Luxe House Photographic.

I am very excited to be offering Charmed by the Wild Portrait Sessions as an overnight women’s retreat this June 2019. Details in the works.

It will be like kind of like boudoir, but minus the pearls and the push up bras.  Add comfort, add nature, add feathers or flowers, draped fabrics and ribbon, your favorite under or outer clothing…..and YOU

contact us at or 828-279-3047 to book your session

Wild Charmer Sessions – Oct 27, 2018


Fall Portrait Sessions


I love this time of year!  It is starting to cool down.  The landscape is quickly changing.

We offer one of a kind deep nature based children’s and family portraits.

We also finish the job by offering full service in house design and fine art printing with archival matting and framing!  All you need is a hammer and a wall.

We are now booking our last few weeks of fall portrait sessions.

If you have had it on your list to do kid/family portraits with us.  Now is the time to grab your spot.

We offer holiday card design too!!  <3

Ready to make art of YOUR family?


Portraits in the Park


I have a crazy Idea….

I want to reach out to my local Asheville community with portraiture.

I will be hosting a “Portraits in the Parks” series on select Wednesdays in July.  The first one will be July 11th.  Want to come?  Email me at

These will be 10/15 minute long kid/family portrait sessions set in our beautiful landscape in town in Asheville.

The usual session fees will be waved.  What!!?? Yep.  no session fee, no order minimum.  Prints and digital files will be available at our regular pricing.  Feel free to email for full print pricing info.

I do ask that participants put some thought into their wardrobe and that it leans towards the vintage side of things.  This means no logos or sports clothing.  Come lookin awesome!!!  You can browse our family portrait gallery to get some good ideas here:

Want to come?  Send me an email and I will get you on list. Limited space is available.

Want your own slow paced deep nature session?  I am always up for those!!  Reach out and I will make a plan that fits your family’s dreams and needs.

Capture the beauty of your kiddos as they are right now.   You will be glad you did.


Summer in Appalachia – Portraits by Luxe House Photographic


Ready to have portraits made of the ones you love?


We have some Late Summer dates open for booking.

Contact us at via this site or email to reserve a spot for yourself, your kids, your family.  Most Sessions are at around 5:30/6pm for best light.

Need a weekend date?  Just ask and we can try to find one that works for you.

August 21st, Black Balsam Mountaintop

August 24, Biltmore Grounds

August 30th, Craggy Gardens

August 31st, Your backyard

These location ideas are totally flexible.  Have your own location idea?

View our full gallery here:

summer2018-2 summer2018-3 summer2018-4 kayainstakids-52018-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 15)

Booking a session is a terrific idea, and here are the top 7 reasons I can think of….

  1. It’s Summer and the world is in bloom!!
  2. Your kid is cute
  3. Your kid is changing fast
  4. You’re cute
  5. We live somewhere beautiful
  6. You will love the portraits we make together, especially 10 years from now
  7. You and your family deserve it

It is a always great honor and pleasure to get out in the deep nature that surrounds us and make beautiful portraits for families.

Present day….  I think about what portraits like these will mean to my clients when they unwrap their packages and hang their portraits on the walls of their homes.  I hope they add beauty and bring joy.

A little later…… I think about what these portraits will mean to my clients when their 8 year old is 28 years old.  I hope they bring the sweetest memories.

A lot later…. I think about what it will be like for the children in the portraits to show these images to their own children someday.  I hope they show history.   I hope they show love.

I love making family heirlooms with people, nature, light, ink and fine papers.

Contact us at via this site or email to reserve your spot.




LuxeHousePhotographic (1013 of 17)

A little dream of mine came true in France.

Not only did I get to explore tiny villages set in the most amazing rolling hill vineyard laden landscapes, I got to teach the encaustic process at Parker Pfister’s workshop in Burgundy, France. IN A CASTLE!!

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-9

I have always wanted to teach really anything I am passionate about in the photography realm, and what a absolute joy it was to get to do it in this amazing setting with a group of wonderful people.  I will forever remember this week as one of the best times of my life.

Here are just a few photos from my wanderings around Autricourt on our first night at the castle.  The amount of wonder was overwhelming.  I meant to just walk down to the end of the driveway of the property, but could not stop.  I kept going in the light of the most lovely sunset and ended up alone at the top of a tiny mountain.  Insane uncontainable joy filled my soul!!

LuxeHousePhotographic (1008 of 17)

Want to know more about the workshop? Check out Parker’s recap.  Want to know even more about it?  A great human, photographer and attendee, Joe Payne gives a brief yet beautiful overview of the workshop.

I highly recommend jumping into one of Parker’s future workshops.  I do not feel I can eloquently type how profoundly magical the learning experience is.  The next workshop is in Asheville and the full info can be found here.

I do have some images I made while in France that I am very excited to share, but they will be saved for the inks, cotton papers, wood, and wax you will just have to come see them in person.

For now……. snapshots from town, a photo of the class taken by Michael Brühlmeie, and a video still I swiped with permission from the maker, Artemus Mott.

Most of the town photos were taken on my new Sony camera with a borrowed Lens Baby Trio lens.


LuxeHousePhotographic (1011 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 17)LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 17)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-2 LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 17)LuxeHousePhotographic (1016 of 17)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-10
LuxeHousePhotographic (1012 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1010 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 17)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1007 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 17)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1014 of 17)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1015 of 17) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4


Deep Nature, the best kind



Fall Portrait Sessions


Ready to have portraits made of the ones you love?


I’ve got some October dates still open for booking.

Contact us at via this site or email to reserve a spot for yourself, your kids, your family.  Most Sessions are at around 5:30pm for best light.

October 5th, Biltmore Grounds (booked am)

October 10th, Craggy Gardens

October 12th, Botanical Gardens

October 13th, Catawba Falls (booked am)

October 17th, Warren Wilson College (booked)

October 19th, Craggy Gardens

October 24th, Biltmore Grounds (booked)

October 25th, Anywhere you want (booked)

October 26th, Your backyard (booked)

October 27th, South Asheville Parkway trail (booked)

November 2nd, French Broad Riverside

November 9th, Your Home

November 16th, Bent Creek Forest

These location ideas are totally flexible.  Have your own location idea?

portraits-10 luxehousephotographic-1-of-1-3 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)-9


Too Much Screen Time




I’m stuck inside of a screen




I can’t get out

I’m tired

want to relax

l lay down to unwind

An hour and a half later

I’m just getting off

this tiny screen in my hand

I’ve looked through





real estate listings

website linked to websites about

things I don’t ever remember

I’m not relaxed

my brain is scrambled

It’s like

mixing every food I can think of

put it in a blender

I can’t digest it

It hurts my stomach

I can’t digest

this media

it hurts my spirit

it hurts my brain

they” say it’s reshaping our frontal cortex

And here I am again

on this screen

I’m addicted

quite addicted


I’m stuck inside of a screen




somebody let me out

There’s all these healthy choices

above and below

there’s nature out side

waiting for me to dip my toes into it’s mud

But I’m just here scrolling on this rando

That I used to know in high school

I’m trying to figure out exactly

how many children he has

Who cares

I need to go outside

and hug my neighbor

I need to go downstairs

and ask my child

Love, what is your greatest dream?”

Facebook just told me

my dad and I are celebrating

.9 years of friendship

that’s funny

cuz I’m 41 years old

and he knew me before I was born

you don’t know me, Facebook

You Don’t Own Me, Amazon

you don’t know what I want

you do not have it

I want to give it all up

but look

I’m checking back

to see if anybody read my story

I’m checking back

to see if anyone

can hear me?

I’m screaming

at the top of my….


No, No I”m not.

I’m only typing, I’m typing into a void

and nobody’s listening

I’m screaming

at the top of my lungs

and nobody

can hear me

maybe I should look inside

maybe I should go outside

maybe I should talk to a human

maybe I should go to a meeting

maybe I should go to class

maybe I should go to a church

maybe I should phone a friend

maybe I should find myself

maybe I should get off this screen



Summer Rain Summer Green


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-2

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6
LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8It is a great honor and pleasure to get out in the deep nature that surrounds us and make beautiful images for families (like this awesome one) to treasure.

Present day….  I think about what portraits like these will mean to my clients when they unwrap their packages and hang their portraits on the walls of their homes.  I hope they add beauty and bring joy.

A little later…… I think about what these portraits will mean to my clients when their 8 year old is 28 years old.  I hope they bring sweet memories.

A lot later…. I think about what it will be like for the children in the portraits to show these images to their own children someday.  I hope they show history.   I hope they show love.

I love making family heirlooms with people, nature, light, ink and fine papers.


Are you ready to document this chapter of your life?

I’ve got some September and October dates still open for booking.  Contact us at via this site or email to reserve a spot for yourself, your kids, your family.  Most Sessions are at around 5:30pm for best light.

Sept 28th, Catawba Falls

October 5th, Biltmore Grounds

October 12th, Botanical Gardens

October 17th, Pisgah Trail (booked)

October 18th, max Patch (booked)

October 24th, Nature

October 25th, Black Balsam (booked)

October 26th, Your backyard

These location ideas are totally flexible.  Have your own location idea?



Deeper South


LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 16)kids portraits LuxeHousePhotographic (1014 of 16) asheville kids portraits LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 16)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1012 of 16)We have been at the beach all day and diner is on the table, but let’s do a 5 minute photo shoot with tangly haired kiddos.   Add some mosquitoes.  Go!

I am thankful for moments like these in my life.

Kiawah Island, June 2017  Shot with Canon 5d mark III, 24-70 2.8 and lots of lens fog from the deep swelter.


Portraits of the ones you Love


Hi world!

Would you like to have heirloom portraits of your child made to remember this year, this age, this summer?

Booking a session is a terrific idea, and here are the top 7 reasons I can think of….

  1. It’s Summer and the world is in bloom!!
  2. Your kid is cute
  3. Your kid is changing fast
  4. You’re cute
  5. We live somewhere beautiful
  6. You will love the portraits we make together
  7. You and your family deserve it


Here are my open dates and location ideas:

July 3rd – Botanical Gardens (booked)

July 6th – Catawba Falls (booked)

July 8th – Wherever you want

July 11th – Black Balsam

July 13th – Biltmore Nature Spots

August 4th  – Black Mountain River (booked)

August 8th  – Your Home (booked)

August 10th  – Max Patch (booked)

August 15th – Catawba Falls (booked)

August 24th – Your Home

August 31st – Craggy Gardens

Sept 5th – Botanical Gardens

Sept 14th – Max Patch

Don’t have the time to travel outside of Asheville?  Want to book a session in town?  There are also some beautiful locations within just a few miles of downtown Asheville.   The options are endless.

Email us at for booking.

z (1000 of 1)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1011 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 15)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1008 of 15) LuxeHousePhotographic (1010 of 15)LuxeHousePhotographic (1012 of 15)LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 6)

This week I borrowed an interesting camera from an awesome friend.  With a loss of knowledge on how to operate said camera and about 20 minutes of daylight left, I feel in love with imperfection (and even deeper, if possible, with this child).





      Vacation, adventure, travel: You have a few precious weeks each year when schedules overlap, the stars align, and you can, or need to, leave the paradise of home to remember something important about life that is too easy to forget.  You want to go somewhere warm, but not too warm.  Somewhere safe but exotic, somewhere you can recharge your joie de vivre without deleting your bank account.  You want to make some incredible memories, and calendars are filling up.  Well, here it is: if you want Disney, go to Florida.  If you want close, go to South Carolina.  If you want easy, go to Cancun, Costa Rica or Dollywood.  But if you want something special, something to be experienced, if you want to share a moment of cultural history with the world, then you need to go to Cuba.  And you should go.  Now.

LuxeHousePhotographic (1121 of 166)

We went, and it was epic.  24 days in country.  We’d seen pictures of beautiful beaches in the north and south, exotic mogotes (beautiful mountain formations) in Pinar del Rio, and romantic colonial architecture in Old Havana.  Cuba has this and much more that will hook and delight an imaginative and adventurous traveller.  And on top of all that, this is a historic time as Cuba under goes a post revolution evolution of its national identity on a world stage and for its people at home.  This was an opportunity to better understand, experience, and perhaps even feel the tidal shift within the cultural momentum of this thing that is Cuba.

To start with, it was my wife’s idea.  She is an Asheville Photographer whose pursuits through the lens are Fine Art and Adventure-Travel.  These passions blend and her work shows up in our world as portraits of people and the still lives of time.  She’d wanted to go to Cuba ever since someone told her that she wasn’t allowed to.  The good news is that border bribes and Cancun layovers are no longer required! There are at least 12 perfectly legal reasons that a United States Citizen might receive a Cuban Travel Visa.  Visiting family, participating in exhibitions, performances or contests, or pursuing religious, educational or humanitarian activities in country are a few of the valid reasons for which you would receive a visa from the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC (our mutual Embassies technically reopened July 20, 2015).

LuxeHousePhotographic (1150 of 166)

While we saw a lot, there are lifetimes more to see and know about such an intriguing and mysterious country.  We concentrated our visit to the western half of the island.  Using Havana as a hub, we spent time at the beaches in Guanabo east of Havana, in the mountain valley of Vinales in the far west, and in Trinidad on the southern coast.  Instead of hotels, we stayed at Casas Particulares: private homes in which families rent rooms.  These can run the gamut between home stay and bed and breakfast – and are an awesome view into Cuban culture and daily life.  We rode in classic cars, went horse riding through coffee and tobacco farms.  We saw amazing art, and soaked up the sun on beaches in paradise.  These were some of the gems of our trip.  But every country has the good, the bad, and the ugly.  With over three weeks on the ground, we saw a little bit of everything.  This is how it went down.


We got to Havana on February 26.  It was gloriously warm and sunny.  Flight time is less than one hour from Miami to Jose Martí International Airport just south of Havana.  Customs are thorough, but certainly not stressful.  Soon enough we’re on our way to Vedado, a neighborhood whose former residents of renown include Meyer Lansky and Al Capone.  Shuffled like the cards from mobsters casino decks are the preserved glory and fallen decay of stately homes and beautiful parks with their columns, porches, statuary and huge trees, as a microcosm of Cuba’s decadent, if checkered past, its problematic present and the beginning waves of its potential future.
LuxeHousePhotographic (1099 of 166)LuxeHousePhotographic (1086 of 166)LuxeHousePhotographic (1091 of 166) LuxeHousePhotographic (1094 of 166) LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 6)

Once known as the Paris of the Caribbean, Havana is where the romance begins.  Breathe deep and let the tropical ocean air pull you into the capital city.  Enter along the  Malecón, a dramatic seaside avenue into the heart of Havana.  The sweep of the city fans out along the road toward the harbor and the Castillo de San Carlos de la Cabana beyond.  Old Havana, where the colonial architecture has been amazingly preserved, and the Capital, where restoration efforts are currently focused, occupy the peninsular arm that forms the western shore of Havana Bay.

Of course, there is the feeling of being inside a time capsule.   Cars, farm machinery, and durable goods come predominantly from the American 1950s, the Soviet 80s, or the last decade of growing imports from China.   Hundred year old cane bottom rocking chairs, cuckoo clocks, curios and heirlooms hold memories of golden times from Cuba’s more distant past.

But Cuba has outgrown its cocoon. While rhumba and son pulse their beat in the life of the nation, a deeper rhythm is rising.  Like a sleeper thick from a dream, awareness of how far the rest of the world has spun onward in time is gaining momentum.   In the expanding glow of a liberalizing political economy, Cuba is beginning to make a new legacy.  The arts in Cuba  are entering another powerful time as freedom of expression and access to the outside world grows.  The modern dance performance we saw in a small theater in Havana was as innovative and polished as anything similar in the States.  Galleries boast collections from Cuban sculptors, painters, and other mixed media artists that will definitely attract world attention for the quality and originality of voice and vision.

As a city to see, Havana is replete with historic walks and driving tours that take you through various sections of the city and its surrounding lands and parks.   Of course if you are traveling with children, your tour radius and access to the midnight jazz is probably going to be somewhat limited.  In the same breath, traveling in the company, and from the perspective, of a child is a tour of the world in its own right.  Same house, but different doors to different rooms.  By the time we left Havana for Guanabo and Vinales, our daughter told us she had already made 7 new friends: 3 children, a turtle, a dog, and our Cuban Hosts.  We’re friendly people, that’s how we roll.

LuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 58)
In Country

After leaving Havana, we went east to the beaches of Guanabo, then west to the mountains near Vinales, and finally south to Trinidad and Cienfuegos (which are two beautiful towns designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Preservation Sites).

Guanabo was a technicolor, Hi-Def view into a part of Cuba where the people and the economy struggle against architectural decay, the grind of poverty, and the squalor of neglect.  This is the town where many from Havana will stay when they go to the beach for the weekend.  As always, a colorful array of characters animate the scene, making life happen in their work or their hustle.  As usual, our hosts were among the most kind, generous, and gracious people, expanding our adopted Cuban family by two more.  We’ll remember our time there for the horse and carriage rides, the unnerving tens of thousands of dried up portuguese man o war that color the hi tide line a dusty blue, and the amazing Inflatables Fun Park in the town center that we rocked…every day.

cubaLuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 166)

Vinales was almost the opposite of Guanabo.  The town itself is rooted in flat, alluvial valleys surrounded by mogotes – steep sided, sometimes isolated, mountains and hills … think Cashiers, North Carolina. There is a central plaza flanked by regal, yet humble colonial era buildings, including a church.  This region could be the focus of an entire visit.  The mountains cover an expansive area, and trips to the coast and its idyllic cays launch from Vinales as well.  For us, a highlight of our whole experience was the horseback tour of coffee and tobacco farms inside the national park near town.  The coffee we sampled was delicious, Trumie got to hold a baby chicken and eat fresh sugar cane, and we even went through a natural cave tunnel to the other side of a mountain.  We also learned something fascinating about a class of cigars called “puros”.  At a certain point in the tobacco harvest, 98% of the nicotine of the plant concentrates in the stem.  The farmers then remove the stem to make the cigar enjoyable but not addictive.   At the end of the tour, Trumie even got to ride a horse with the Gaucho’s five year old son….who could already ride standing up in the saddle if he wanted.  Their insta-friends smile was something to take home for a rainy day.


LuxeHousePhotographic (1030 of 58)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1016 of 58)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1028 of 58)

A four hour car drive across the remarkably unpopulated Cuban highway took us through  the city of Cienfuegos and on to Trinidad.  For us, this was our favorite leg of the trip.  We stayed the week in the Blue House in La Boca, just southeast of Trinidad.  Our hosts were two sisters in their 50s and 60s and one of their husbands, a retired farm veterinarian who now tended the productive gardens of the home.  Many who visit the area tour historic military sites, sugar plantations, and waterfalls in the nearby Escambray Mountains.  We spent most of our days at some amazing beaches.  The coastline in the area varies from clear rocky waters favored by snorkelers and a sandy hotel zone toward the end of the peninsula.  We found the perfect blend in a beach where a ridge of uneroded rock formed a natural and very calm pool for swimming.  A palapa serving drinks, sandwiches and a big grill out on Sundays rounded out paradise.  Trumie learned to love snorkeling and we continued to love the fresh Caribbean wind washing over us looking at the mountains that run into the sea.
LuxeHousePhotographic (1038 of 58)
LuxeHousePhotographic (1040 of 58) LuxeHousePhotographic (1039 of 58)

Before we get back to Havana, we need to talk about food.  The best food in Cuba is made in private homes – especially at the homes in La Boca.  Eat there if you can, and if you have to eat out, look for recommendations from locals. Overall, restaurant fare was worse than disappointing.  The first time I saw Gordon Blue in the poultry section of a restaurant menu, I thought it was an endearing misspelling.  But then it was on every menu in every restaurant.  In fact, menus in most restaurants were nearly identical.  A state run cooking school provides most of the gastronomical training available in Cuba.  Unfortunately, that Cuban sandwich you are dreaming of…sizzling ham, melted cheese, spicy mustard, vinegar pickles, all grill pressed to perfection…you won’t find one farther south than Miami.  The mustard left in 1959, and I think most spices must have run out shortly thereafter.   What you can order everywhere – gas stations, restaurants, private homes, and more, are plain ham and cheese sandwiches on highly glutinous, un-toasted, un-pickled, un-mustarded, un-lettuced bread rolls.  It seems that flavor and food could be one thing that sees sharp improvement in the coming years.  But just in case it doesn’t, my wife is bringing a first aid kit with spices and condiments the next time we visit.

As our days added to weeks and the weeks added up, the idiosyncrasies of culture and place assembled a broader portrait collaged from a thousand snapshots…a young man with old eyes, chewing a cigar stub in deep repose.  This was a country of patience and endurance, deep imagination and resourcefulness.  People are used to slow change or no change.  Growing access to broadband internet and American music video bling glory may accelerate that desire for change.   Most people we spoke with were cautiously excited about the prospects of an opening relationship between Cuba and the United States, and even Cuba with itself, as its leadership undergoes a slow, but undeniable evolution toward a modern world.

Havana Redux

We came back to a different Havana.  Quite literally, in the wave of preparations for the first visit of a sitting U.S. President since 1928, the city had undergone extensive road re-paving, building repair, and landscape artistry, transforming it into a world capitol of global promise.

Our last few days in Havana took us through the Plaza de la Revolucion to the Necropolis of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus).  The Plaza is a huge public square and massive obelisk to mark the triumph of an era of Cuban history and transformation.    The necropolis is a huge cemetery: 140 acres, which is 7 and a half football fields by 7 and a half football fields.  Its avenues of white and pale yellow mausoleums and chapels seem to intensify the heat and light of the mid day sun.  Initially constructed in the late 19th century,  it now inters a century and more of Cuba’s people.  Care and neglect alternate amongst the tombs and graves, applying Cuba’s recent historical legacy to the living and the dead alike. Its historical weight and architectural scope definitely beckon a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

LuxeHousePhotographic (1056 of 58)

As scheduling would have it, President Obama arrived the day before we left.  The city was more relaxed and less patrolled than I would have imagined, but the people we talked with buzzed with an inner tension of optimistically anxious fatalism.  Many watched the live broadcast of Air Force One landing and some were moved to tears by the power of what they hoped represented a watershed moment in their lives.

We celebrated our final night at Kilometer Zero, a corner jazz bar that fronts the Capitol building by a block.  Its music, patrons and dancing spill out onto the sidewalk through large open windows.  The house band, Zona Libre, is an all ladies group of five multi-instrumental performers just owning it up there, night after night.

The rain cleared as we arrived at the airport.  I had my last ham and cheese sandwich, slugged back a final cafe cubano and boarded the plane for home.  Gaining altitude, we could gradually see more of the city, more of the land, and more of the sea.  To us, with some time shared in a country of new friends, Havana looked as though it were crouched by the shoreline like a grandfather and grandson watching from the pampas and the cane across the vast potential of the unknown blue atlantic.

LuxeHousePhotographic (1138 of 166)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1050 of 58)luxehousephotographic-1000-of-1

Written by Billy Roberts

Photos by René Roberts


Asheville Family Portrait Session


Here are the pages of an album I made from one of my favorite family portrait sessions ever!!  Thank you to this wonderful family for doing this session with me.

I am very excited to be offering 4 Fall Family Portrait Sessions in 4 amazing Mountain locations. Let’s get out of town and out into the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us!!
– – –
October 6th, 6pm Max Patch (booked)
October 13th, 6pm Cataba Falls (booked)
October 20th, 5:30pm Black Balsam
October 27th, 6pm Craggy Gardens (booked)

Don’t worry there are more open dates for November, email us for availability

Don’t have the time to travel outside of Asheville?  Want to book a session in town?  There are also some beautiful locations within just a few miles of downtown Asheville.   From the Biltmore grounds to your backyard, the options are endless.

It’s time the best time of year for kid’s portraits!

Here is my top 7 reasons why booking a session now is a great idea…

  1. the heat of summer has broke
  2.  your kid is cute
  3. your kid is changing fast
  4. you’re cute
  5. we live somewhere beautiful
  6. you will love the images we get
  7.  your family deserves it

Email us at for booking.

kids portraits asheville 003 011 019 025

021 017 015 009 013023b 007 005030


Night Portraits



On an amazing trip to the Colorado Rockies, I met an wonderful new friend.

Here are some photos we made together.  Here is her story about it.

I loved doing this night shoot with her.  The idea that you can make art that heals warms my heart and gives excites me.  I will leave the fancy word crafting to her….

She is an inspiring human and a talented writer.  Check out her books and blog.

Thank you Ksenia for trusting me.

fine art nude

Technically, if you want the DL on the light.  I shot this on a tripod at a 13 second exposure.  I really wanted to get the sky detail.  I light painted her with a borrowed head lamp for a quick 1.5-2 seconds.   The mountain in the background was light by a parking lot street lamp.  (Which at first I was annoyed that it was there, but ending up being glad it was just so.)  The image is the middle of the triptych is light by just the candle.

Try it is fun.  And hard.


Family Portraits


As winter’s chill finds its’ way to the mountains of North Carolina, we’re slowly watching nature shed it’s skin. With that grand disrobing, come wondrous textures from fallen tree bark, thorny chestnut hulls, pinecones, evergreens and golden grasses which blend together with nature’s new color palate into a breathtaking dreamscape. While many think of warm summer days as the ideal weather for a family portrait, the winter weather brings a special kind of magic like no other season. I adore taking family portraits in it and capturing a family bundled in their favorite sweaters and scarves, nestled into their beloved outdoor spaces.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider in creating a family portrait of your own this season:

  1.     Consider your favorite outdoor space—a summit to a nearby mountain, a local trail with tall old trees that would tower over you with their wild limbs reaching into the sky to create a grand natural setting or maybe a creek close to your home filled with all of those wondrous winter offerings or maybe even an enormous rock you could picture everyone sitting atop.  And yes, your favorite place can even be your own backyard. I would love to take a peek at your favorite outdoor spaces and help you choose one that will work best for your photo.

I love the natural settings she chooses. She has an eye for the perfect light and scene, even if it is the 4 of us walking or laughing or my son running and making silly faces. Rene mentioned Max Patch and I thought it was a perfect location! Who doesn’t want a photo shoot that looks like the Sound of Music?,” ~Millie Whitworth



  1.     Are you considering new art for your walls? Think of your portrait as art and not simply another digital photo. I’ve created a three-piece photoset showcasing an entire landscape—the family portrait beautifully captured within and a mountainous landscape making up the other two.  Play around with the idea of your family being part of the outdoor setting you choose and how that will display as art on your walls. I even have a fun program that will allow me to virtually hang photos on your walls to see what they would look like in your living room or dining room.


  1.     It’s never an unwelcome moment in time to capture yourself, your pregnant belly under a weeping willow with your husband’s arms wrapped around you, your children running through an open field, or your entire family in this season of this year within a favorite local landscape. One wish that I hope to convey is the relevance of creating cherished portraits of ourselves and those we love that are timeless and capture all of that person’s sense of self—the strength and sensitivity, the wit and charm, the funny way one holds their hips or smushes their lips. I do not simply create a digital photo for you to download and share. In fact, a digital portrait is an option to purchase, yet the focus of my work is in creating printed photos that are matted, framed and hung in your nest for many moons to come.

The photos she took are perfect–just breathtaking. I especially love the pictures of me breastfeeding my daughter Georgia on top of a mountain. I feel like we look like an ad in a mothers’ magazine if I do say so myself! Georgia was getting fussy through the session and I took a break to feed her. I asked Rene to snap a few because I realized that we didn’t have any photos of our nursing relationship. Nursing is such a special relationship between mother and babe and I love that we have documentation of ours.” ~Millie Whitworth

Learn more about what is included in your upcoming family portrait with me and the team here at Luxe House Photographic. Investing in professional portrait photography is a priceless treasure.  You won’t just receive a “photograph”, but rather a carefully crafted piece of art that features you/your family. Feel free to reach out via phone or email to discuss your ideas so we can dream up the perfect portrait for you.
luxehousephotographic-1000-of-1-7 luxehousephotographic-1-of-1-2


Some dates we have open for Family Portrait Sessions are

Thursday December 8th 4-5pm (just filled)

Tuesday December 13th 4-5pm

Thursday December 15th 4-5pm

Thursday January 5th 4-5pm





Waterfalls and Thunderstorms


 asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)-3 asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)-5 asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)-6 asheville senior portraits (1000 of 4) asheville senior portraits (1001 of 4) asheville senior portraits (1000 of 1)-4asheville senior portraits (1003 of 4)From a magical day in the woods with Eva.

Shot for use in my dream series.

Eva happens to be a high school senior which is such a lovely age to photograph.  And to be photographed. We offer nature based senior portraits.  It’s best to do them before winter gets here.  I have a few October sessions still available.  Email us to schedule.

Head dress and Neck piece by The Royal Peasantry

model Eva

photography and Styling by Luxe House Photographic


Lost and Found Sessions Explore Natural Wonder and Mystery


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-7

What began as an exploration in bringing the outdoors inside of my studio during portrait sessions with little ones three years ago, evolved this year into moving them outside entirely. The ‘Lost and Found’ series are nature-based photo sessions I hold once or twice a year, asking each little one to spend some time in nature and find a fascinating object they’d like to share. Sometimes I see wonderfully crafted objects like flower crowns hand-woven by local florists or last minute roadside wildflower up-rootings. Sometimes the child and their parent pick something together, like the skull of a deer their dad hunted and they harvested together as a family.

Every time I hold these sessions, there are new surprises and endless stories to be told. This year, I finally made the decision to move that facilitation of bringing natural wonder indoors to truly take that feeling full circle because I feel that the never-ending divinity in natural structures is entrancing to all, young and old, and appears magical, invoking a sense of wonder and awe. That is exactly the essence I yearn to capture during photography sessions and much easier to do when children hold flowers, feathers and shells or roadside shrubs with roots dangling wild and free beside their young faces. It’s a curiosity, a true sense of wonder and an honest capture of their innate nature in a specific moment in time.

“Rene’s pictures preserve Juniper’s particular wide, beautiful smile and soulful brown eyes perfectly.  They capture the magic and wonder that is just below my daughter’s skin.  They capture her innocence but at the same time her deep ancient knowing.  I also love that Rene’s photos create for my daughter proof of her strength, courage, and wonder:  they create a kind of reality for Juniper that is, perhaps, more beautiful and real than her real-life reality.  She can look at her pictures and see her inner world represented in the outer world.  And for us grownups, they are beautiful, fine works of art.  They will be on our walls forever,” says Meg Winnecour of her daughter Juniper’s participation in the Lost and Found sessions.

As someone who is most comfortable in nature, I feel the outside world truly provides the most stunning landscape. That comfort holds us and evokes a stillness and peace that you can’t find indoors. Our bodies simply attune to the outside world and awaken our senses to the divine order of creation. That is exactly why the majority of my work is done in a natural setting—whether it’s family portraiture or a wedding party. I’m inspired watching the feeling it invokes and being able to capture that moment is magic.

“We always look forward to our shoots with Rene.  They are as much fun for Juniper and me as they are productive.  They’re a chance for Juniper to dress up and play– be a fairy or an owl or a snow queen– and for me to sit back and watch another adult connect in a deep, real way with my kiddo.  It is such a treat,” says Winnecour.

Next Sessions will be on October 15th, 2016

Contact me if you feel called to a so Lost and Found session

Enjoy the images below from my latest Lost and Found session…..

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-14

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-17

kids portrait session

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-23

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-11

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-13 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-16LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)   LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-21      LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-15   LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-12kids portraits   LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-20LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-10  LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5  LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8

All content © 2016 Luxe House Photographic


Spring by the River


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-2LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-7 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8

An awesome sunny evening at the Biltmore with some really sweet girls.  Playing dress up will never get old to me.  I loved shooting this!

Thank you Lindsay for all of your assistantly help.


Encaustic work



2s_renetreeceroberts-3  3renetreeceroberts


5renetreeceroberts-46 renetreeceroberts-3 7renetreeceroberts-28s_renetreeceroberts-2

These are my images from my dream series.  They are mounted to cradled panels, brushed with acrylic, beeswax and demar resin.

Sizes range from 12×12 to 26×38.


Asheville Kid’s Portrait Session


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 family portraits LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)

Another little peek at a few favorites from one of our kid’s portrait sessions here in Asheville.  Travel, Fine Art, and Children’s portraiture, when it come to photography, those are forever my top three.  Look for a Kid’s Lost and Found Session coming soon.

Here is a link to more of our family portrait work

And the Kid’s Lost and Found Sessions


Asheville Children’s Portraits


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-7 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8 asheville photographer

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite families on planet earth!!  These kiddos melt my heart.  Three kids is no joke.  I went home muddy and happy!!  Thanks guys!!  Here is just a peek of a few of my favorite black and whites from the day.




LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-9LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-10 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-7 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8  LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)

Just a tiny sneak peek of some of our Cuba trip.  What an adventure to such an amazing land.  I can not fully express the kindness and care we experienced during our month long stay in Cuba.  Never have I had a trip where I was treated with so much love.        Very excited to share more soon.


Win a Kid’s Portrait Session and Fine Art Print!!



To show some love and appreciation to our awesome community and supporters, Luxe House Photographic is having a Kid’s Portrait Session giveaway!!

Would you like to enter your child in this contest? Here is how…

  1.  Like our page on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Post a comment on our facebook page why you would like to have your kiddo photographed by Luxe House Photographic in this series.
  3. Share this post on your page.
  4. Send us a message via facebook that you have done steps one through three.

On April 6th, we will choose and contact the winner.

The free 30 minute session will be held outdoors at our home studio (or indoor at our downtown studio if the weather is bad).  It will include a 7×10 fine art print of your favorite image.  The session is for one child.

Thanks for looking and Thanks for entering.

wetplate t (1000 of 1)-2


Senior Portrait Sessions


We are so excited to offer 2016/2017 Senior Portraits!

The last year of high school, it was a time we all remember so well.

We at Luxe House Photographic love creating unique heirloom portraiture that features this amazing stage of life, the end of childhood, the begging of adulthood.

Let us help preserve this time, this right of passage with artful personality, spirit, and nature based portraits.

Contact us for spring/summer bookings.

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)


Bridal Portrait


aastral-4This one my favorite bridal portraits thus far.  I got to photograph this bride and her amazing dress by Ship to Shore before it was cut and shaped into it’s final form.


Ten Cent Poetry


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-2  LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 2)

I was captivated by her voice when I first heard it a few months ago. Her kick-starter campaign came up in my news feed. I was like, what? This is lovely.

Ms. Chelsea LaBate, of Ten Cent Poetry.  (check out her music)

We raced the setting sun up this large hill and did this shoot to celebrate her new album.

I included a tiny movie of the 20 something images that got put together to make the flying book photo.  I hope you like it.


Summer in the Mountains


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)asheville children's portraits LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5

  • Pay attention.


  • Be astonished.


  • Tell about it.

I was struck today by one of my favorite poet, Mary Oliver’s,  instructions for life.

Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.

It made me immediately think of my work.  I feel thankful for the great satisfaction that comes with being able to do these three things on the daily through my photography.

Pay attention and tell about it, it’s what I do.  Being astonished, it’s the gift I get in return.

It is so touching to get a window into the world of a family with young children.  With kid’s it seems the astonishment comes so easily.  It easy to forget how to feel that wonder.  Witnessing the immense love and connection that flows between family through the lens of my camera is my happy place.  It’s like finding time to play music and sing loudly.  It’s like reading my favorite book.  It’s like sitting by the fire.

Thanks to this sweet West Asheville family for doing this family portrait session with me.


Ritual Runway


ashevile fashion LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 6)LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 6)

It was awesome to see the creations of some Asheville’s design creatives.  The show Ritual Runway was put on by the very industrious and talented Danielle Miller of The Royal Pesantry.  Here a a few of my most favorite shots from the night.

credit for photos listed in order from top to bottom

1. Model Natasha Vengen, Dress by Airweaver Apparel, MUA Rïtual Body Art, hair by Nebula Beauty Lab

2. Model jessica ray, designer GhostRiver Art​ by River Hendricks makeup by Rïtual Body Art​ and Sophicide Jekic, hair by Britton AtLola

3. Model Misty Brooke, Designer Patti Byrd, MUA Sophicide Jekic and Rïtual Body Art, hair by Britton AtLola

4.  Model Devi Anvita, Wardrobe by Pearla Swank, MUA by Rïtual Body Art and Sophicide Jekic

5.  Model Sarah Nicole Snyder, Hair and top by Amy Day of Nebula Beauty Lab, MUA Rïtual Body Art and Sophicide Jekic,

6.  Model Liz Grieco, Wardrobe by Pearla Swank, MUA  Rïtual Body Art and Sophicide Jekic, hair by Britton AtLola

*i always do  my very best to credit every person involved, if i ever have left someone out please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.  😉


Lake Eden Wedding


LuxeHousePhotographic (1013 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1012 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1007 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1010 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1014 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 21) LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1015 of 21) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1016 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1011 of 21)LuxeHousePhotographic (1020 of 21)  LuxeHousePhotographic (1017 of 21)         LuxeHousePhotographic (1008 of 21)

LuxeHousePhotographic (1019 of 21)What a lovely wedding to get to photograph at Lake Eden.  Every detail of this day was beyond beautiful.  Thank you so much Kate and Tripp for choosing me to capture this day for you.  It was such a pleasure.




I so loved getting to enjoy the summer breeze at the Biltmore Estate while photographing this amazing and growing family.  It’s a long story, but I will be forever grateful for these people!!!    LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-10 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-9 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-11

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-8 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-6

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-7

LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3


Live the Dream


Here are a few snapshots of some of the steps in creating the work for The Other Place We Live.  A show that is currently on display at the Satellite Gallery in Asheville.  It features my work along with the work of Dona Barnett, Hannah Dansie, and Nicole McConville.


Most of my finished works were photos mounted to wood and layered with acrylic and encasutic wax.  I worked on this project slowly and steadily for the last two years and was so happy to see it come to fruition. At the opening on May 1st, it was so great to be surrounded and supported by so many wonderful people.  I can not express how great that felt.  I am so thankful for all the friends that came and participated in the show.



The process of creating these images was so exciting.  Highlights including traveling to England and Scotland, shooting here in our lovely mountain landscape, working with other creative people, and exploring the worlds of dreams and archetypes. It felt so freeing to be able to dive deep into another side of myself.  The dreamer.  I feel like that part of my life is so vast and somewhat unexplored.  It felt a lot like “Unhindered” (the piece I’m working on in the photo below) to let these images out of my head an onto the paper, wood and wall.


Of course the process was not all hearts and rainbows.  It took a lot of trail and error, a lot of ruined materials, a little toxic asphyxiation, and a lot of effort to keep this project in motion.

With each of the finished pieces I made, at some point I felt…this is awesome! @#$%@#$@ Wait… this is terrible, this is ruined!  and then (most of the time, but not always) back around to this is awesome!



My point in sharing some of these low-res snap shots of my process with working on this body of work is simply this… If you have an idea and that idea excites you, keep doing it.  If you have a dream.  Live it.  Why not?

     image3          image9-1    image11-1

image13    If you missed the opening to the show you can still go see it.  It is on display through May 31st at the Satellite Gallery .  I’d love to hear what you think.


ps.  I’m not a writer.  so forgive my 47 grammatical and spelling errors.


The New Old Style


LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 2) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 6) LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 6)

Here is the next direction on Luxe House Photographic’s Kid’s sessions.

I love these days I book the studio with kids.  I keep the sessions short, as I feel that is all the younger kids are available for.  I mean, what 3 year old wants to get their portrait done for an hour or two?  Not many I know, not in a studio anyway.

Theses sessions are so sweet for me.  Kid’s expressions and spirits are so close to the surface.  I feel like photographing a child is [usually] 200% easier than photographing an adult.  It seems easy and really fun.

Thanks everyone who came to this last round.



Junk Man


male2-2 male2-7 male2-9 male2-5 male2-8 male2-10 male2-12male2-6 male2-13In an effort to change things up, I am challenging myself to photography a least 10 men this month. This series is of my former neighbor, a wonderful hard working Asheville man.  I’m really thankful he was open to having me take his portrait.

Looking over my personal work, I see so much feminine.  I see so many photos of women in flowing dresses.  In my explorations of dreams and archetypes, I feel like I have only scratched the surface of photographic potential and creation.  I am excited to go deeper into ideas and portraits that tell deeper and different stories.

This series was shot with a Canon 5d mark 3 and a 24-70mm 2.8 lens.


temple of the muse


asheville fashion photography LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 10)LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1007 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1008 of 10) LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 10)

A selection of photos from a playful collaboration with the Royal Peasantry.  Stay tuned, much more to come…..with color.

photography by Luxe House Photographic, location: the Crow and Quill, hair and makeup by Royal Peasantry, Wardrobe by Royal Peasantry, neck piece by Pearla Swank, Models: Leigha Beck, Jamie Hawk, Amanda Swafford, Kelsey Dare, Haley Elizabeth, Khalima and Nathaniel Deardoff, and Rowan Leona




dream photography

Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its
We all remain



Lost and Found Kid’s Series Part 3


  LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1002 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1003 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1005 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1006 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)LuxeHousePhotographic (1007 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1008 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1004 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1009 of 12) LuxeHousePhotographic (1010 of 12)LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 12)

Here are just a few photographs from part 3 of my Lost and Found Kid’s series.  I can not even put to words how much I enjoy photographing these kids in the studio.  They split open my heart with pure awesomeness.  I love the way young have hardly any barriers between themselves and the camera.

My next Kid’s sessions will be sometime in September.  I’m headed to England and Scotland in a few days.   I will be attending a photography workshop with Brooke Shaden somewhere in NorthEast England.  Then I will be traveling to Scotland to visit old friends,  check out Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, and do some dream photography with some amazing kid’s.

And lastly, here is a reading that caught my attention a few weeks ago….

On Children

by Kahlil Gibran


Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.


You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;

For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.





Out of my ashes
will rise a new phoenix.

A soaring being
returning from death
proving once again
that life is eternal.

I live forever
because the spirit
never dies.


Costume Drama: Fashion Show


LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-3 fashion asheville a (1000 of 1)Here is the Best in Show winner of the Costume Drama Fashion Show.

This amazing creation was made by Amanda Tucker, modeled by Sarah London, Make-up and Hair by Katie Manselle
photography by me, René Treece Roberts.

It was so great to see so many creative people from our community come work together to create something so lovely.  I am feeling really thankful for this beautiful abundant artful town in which we live.

Look for more photos from the fashion show in the next week or two on our Facebook Page.  mouse over this invisible link…


Kid’s Lost and Found Series Part Two


zzz (1000 of 1)LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1) LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-4 LuxeHousePhotographic (1000 of 1)-5 LuxeHousePhotographic (1001 of 2)zzz (1000 of 1)-2

Here are a few photographs from the Lost and Found Kid’s Series Part Two.  The kids were all asked to find and bring in treasures that they found interesting in nature.  This was shot at my studio in Weaverville, NC.  It was so fun to work with these kids (and their families).  I might be doing one more round of these in June or July.  Thank you to everyone who to part!  Photographing kids is the best!