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Here is a little about me as a photographer… I have been an North Carolina based wedding photographer for over 10 years. I have loved shooting all over this region in each season. We are so fortunate here to be surrounded by so much natural beauty, eclectic architecture, and tradition with or without a twist. Every venue and couple I’ve photographed has a singular charm and presence. The passion of my professional photography is to capture the unique magic of this incredible day and moment for you forever. I started my journey with photography in the era of darkroom processing and printing. My first wedding where hand developed and handprinted. In saying that, I want you to know my work is deeply rooted in the craftof this art form. Each photograph is an immaculate creation, simultaneously embodying the sensuous spontaneity of this lifetime event and the meticulous refinement of editing. Digital records and editing tools are wonderful, however, I feel the life of a story is given breath in the print of that memory on paper, in a book, in a frame, held carefully, like a promise in your fingertips. These mountains struck a chord in my heart when I first saw them nearly 20 years ago! Since then, I’ve traveled as a photojournalist extensively in Central and South America, sang in a bluegrass band on Ocracoke Island, married, and recently gave birth to our beautiful daughter. So, from travelling the world and living the dream, I’ve always come back home to Asheville. And always back to photographing and documenting your most special of days.